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Gorgeous Mt. Shasta mid-March, 2013. I will get the hang of this yet, or go back to Blogger! Wish me luck.

Befuddled by Word Press

I am having a terrible time getting new posts 

to work, and can’t get pix up either. Apologies.

I’ll switch back to Blogger (same title) if  can’t


get some help. HATE THIS!!!!!!!


Test Post

This is an article.

Fiddler on the Bluff, Bandon, OR A month or so ago, we took a week and came down the coast in a rental car. Not a ton of tourists but the high prices will drive ya away. Now that we have a little trailer, we hope to save some green.


oh dear more photo-posting challenges…

ok…where are the buttons that make posting 



Teeny Travel Trailer for New Adventures!


Welcome to round two…

Sisters in Washington state, circa ’55…

Round Two being the second incarnation of this retired blogger’s efforts. For 6 years it was with, under the same name, but they made their creation and navigation near impossible, so we’ll try this.

Here’s Heidi and I on the front lawn in the 50’s. She and the cats created my love of animals. Fast forward 56 years to Mt. Shasta, CA where we’re based. After careers in education and construction management, we enjoy all sorts of travel, esp. on the West Coast of USA (though we’ve loved trips to Asia, Australia, Central America and Europe earlier).

We just got a 17.5 Skyline Aljo fun tiny trailer which we’ll be traveling in with our blind cat Jack, and his kitten buddy, Cameron, so our new adventures will be via a new tool.

Please be patient with my learning–I follow a couple of WordPress blogs; it’ll be nice to feature them in sidebars when I learn how to create one!